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The area of Candidasa normally referred from the stretch of coastline from Manggis through Candidasa town itself and east to Bugbug.

This is a laid back area of Bali with a wide range of accommodation options. Heavy traffic runs through the town, so you’d need to head to the beach facing resorts/hotels if you want to escape the traffic. The black sand beaches are very narrow and often disappear altogether at high tide.

A direct trip from the airport to Candidasa will take approximately 2 hours by car. In the hills just four km inland from Candidasa at Tenganan, is the most famous Bali Aga (original Balinese) village. Visitors are advised to this area as Tenganan is much easier to reach and far more welcoming of outsiders.



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  • In Candidasa there is not much beach, especially at high tide. Concrete breakwaters run parallel to the shore for the length of the town.
  • There is a quiet and little visited black sand beach west of Candidasa proper called Pantai Labuan Amok. Although it has an unsightly Pertamina oil terminal at one end, this is a clean beach in a pretty bay, and the offshore waters offer good snorkeling with live coral in shallow waters. There are many other small coves and bays to explore in this area and all visitors are encouraged to do so.
  • Five kilometres north east of Candidasa is Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach), one of East Bali's well-kept secrets. It's a five hundred metre long, isolated, beautiful, white sand beach fringed with coconut palms. The surf can be a little scary for the less confident swimmer particularly when the tide is coming in.There are a few warungs (small shops) who rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Locally caught fresh fish is on offer daily and the quality of the meals are a pleasant surprise. Massage ladies make it into a tourist place.
  • Candidasa is situated at the center of all the famous dive sites of Bali. They offer superb but demanding diving which is only really suitable for more experienced divers. Currents here can sometimes be surprising. There is some excellent muck-diving also. This area perfect for diving and snorkeling.

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Candidasa is an area of Bali with a range of accommodation from the most simple of bungalows to world renowned five star resorts. There are also many places for eat and drinks, but NO nightlife.

Villa Asada

Villa Asada

Jalan Raya Sengkidu, Manggis, Karangasem, Candidasa
Situated far at a beautiful bay near Candidasa in east Bali, Villa Asada is blessed with a spellbind More info